“Banner media” is preferred to be installed in front of commercial buildings, stores, passages reaching the center of the city covering all alleys to main road. Banner media’s advertising can be distributed rapidly and clearly without media rental fee and it can also respond all demands. We provide installation service of banner media in both Bangkok and other provinces.

We use banner with standard size or 1X3 meters printed with silk screen. It is made of vinyl from general grade with durability and bright color. It is prepared for hanging and ready for delivery and installation in all locations.

“How much is it worth?...How many to approach target group?” This may be the question came up in several customers’ mind who have never used banner media before. They are not sure how many banners should be used to cover all urban areas. From our experiences, 100 banners are able to cover the radius of 10 kilometers therefore it means that if we aim to make people in urban areas to see these banners, there must be 300 banners. These banners will cover Sukhumvit, Rama 4, Si Praya, Bangruk, Rama 1, Rong Mueang, Ratcha Parop, Petchburi areas. If you demand to cover more areas, you have to increase sufficient numbers of banner to cover those areas completely.